Incurred Cost Proposal Audit

Government contractors are required to submit the Incurred Cost Proposal within six months close of the fiscal period. The purpose of incurred cost auditing is to determine whether costs charged to audit-able government contracts are allowable, allocable, and reasonable in accordance with the contract and applicable government acquisition regulations.

The following Incurred Cost Schedules are required for an adequate submission to the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

  • Schedule A: Summary of Claimed Indirect Expense Rates
  • Schedule B: General and Administrative Expenses
  • Schedule C: Overhead Expenses
  • Schedule D: Occupancy Expenses
  • Schedule E: Claimed Allocation Bases
  • Schedule F: Facilities Capital Cost of Money Factors Computation
  • Schedule G: Reconciliation of Books to Account and Claimed Direct Costs
  • Schedule H: Schedule of Direct Costs by Contract/Subcontract and Indirect Expense Applied at Claimed Rates
  • Schedule H-1: Government Participation Percentages
  • Schedule I: Schedule of Cumulative Direct and Indirect Costs Claimed to Billed
  • Schedule J: Subcontract Information
  • Schedule K: Summary of Hours and Amounts on T&M/Labor Hour Contracts
  • Schedule L: Reconciliation of Total Payroll to Labor Distribution
  • Schedule M: Organization changes
  • Schedule N: Certificate of Final Indirect Costs
  • Schedule O: Contract Closing Information for Contracts Completed in this Fiscal Period

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