Timekeeping Systems

Electronic Time Sheet Software (eTSS) is a web-based employee management tool that automates time tracking and approval processes. The result is decreased administrative and accounting costs, as well as increased productivity. eTSS provides online reporting of timesheets, leave balance management, online pay stubs, a seamless interface to your accounting systems, and ad hoc reporting capabilities

This secure, password-protected system is available to employees and management anywhere, anytime from any Internet-enabled computer. It is an ideal workforce management and timekeeping solution for organizational tracking, managing, and accounting for employee time by project, department, customer or other user-defined category. Both managers and employees find the eTSS easy to use due to a graphical user interface and built-in help features. Drop down menus, time calculator, and automated reporting in this time and attendance software save time and greatly increase reporting accuracy. In addition to eTSS online time sheet features, we have provided additional functionality including a company-wide news page, company roster, online forms page for company-specific forms, and holiday schedules. Our time tracking software is designed to minimize the time employees expend recording their tasks, and reduces the time required for managers and administrators to track and report tasks.

Time Sheet Software Functionality

  • Interfaces with Time Clock Hardware
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Seamless interface to accounting system
  • Leave balance management
  • Online pay stub information
  • Company-wide Bulletin Board
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Allows data to be exported to text files, spreadsheets
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Available to employees and management from any Internet enabled computer
  • Tracking, management, and accounting of employee time on multiple projects
Benefits of Time Sheet Software

  • Saves you money
  • Compliant with Defense Contracting Auditing Agency (DCAA) regulations
  • Reduces time spent by manager on nonproductive administrative task
  • Enables management to share time critical information
  • Provides audit trail of time sheet updates and changes
  • Eliminates lost time sheets
  • Restricts unauthorized project charging
Security Features

  • Password Protected
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) supported
Software Usability Features

  • Online user’s guide
  • Time calculator
  • Time scale
  • Drop down menus
  • Customer/Management delegate capability
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